Maternity Management

Maternity Management is available for SME and larger corporations whether you already have an excellent Human Resources department in place or whether YOU are the Human Resource, Charlie's Little Angels can make a difference.

Modern Maternities require an understanding of rights and legislations but above all CARE. We CARE about the individual and the impact the maternity of the individual has on the organisation.

Outsourcing this particular issue to Charlie's Little Angels gives you peace of mind in the knowledge that we are taking CARE of you and your employees.

Charlie's Little Angels will help you to:

  • Support your expectant employee
  • Implement Health and Safety requirements
  • Improve productivity
  • Maintain your workforce
  • Increase job satisfaction
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve your company's image
  • Attract top female talent

Your employees will have the added reassurance that on returning to work they will also find the same quality CARE they had during their pregnancy to help them with Breastfeeding and to make the transition back to work as smooth as possible.

In the litigious society we live in it is important to Manage the Maternities effectively by using Maternity Management solutions.


On average small employers only have to deal with pregnancy at work once every ten years - but when they do it is a headache, according to the FSB

(Source: fsb.co.uk, Feb 2005)

67% of women return to work if they work for an employer operating family-friendly policies. Only 44% return to work if they work for an employer without such arrangements.
(Source DTI and Policy Studies Institute report: Maternity Rights Benefits in Britain 1996)
55% of pregnant women work during pregnancy. This represents about 403'000 babies a year born to working mothers

(Source DTI and Policy Studies Institute report: Maternity Rights Benefits in Britain 1996)



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