"Charlotte was there for me during the ups and downs of my pregnancy. She also coached me during my labour. Charlotte helped me focus during the contractions and made sure my husband was part of the whole experience.

As for the breastfeeding, she took the time to show my the right positions and how to feed my newborn baby in the best conditions possible. She reassured me and answered all my questions, giving me more strength to face any problems that could occur in the future."

Laurence Creak


"I turned to Charlotte to understand a little more about my body and why certain things were happening inside me. I was also really scared of the Labour. But by the time I was in Labour, I went into the delivery suite with no more fear but excitement. I do believe she contributed in me having a natural labour, as I was able to relax more in between contractions."

Muriel Morrisetti


"I have known Charlotte for three years as a close personal friend. She has shown passion throughout this period for the care of others and particularly those going through pregnancy. She was of great help throughout my last difficult pregnancy, offering me advice and support from a personal and professional stance throughout this time. She was able to reassure me at times of doubt, provide me with advice and information that was other wise unavailable and counsel me through stressful times always showing compassion and empathy for my personal situation. I feel that her previous experience in Switzerland as a Midwife has provided her with ideal skills to act effectively providing this type of service.

I am pleased that Charlotte has now decided to offer this support to people on a professional basis as I feel she is invaluable to anyone who feels they need support throughout what can be a difficult and traumatic nine months and beyond. I would have no concerns and would willingly recommend her and her services to anyone who feels they need a little or lot of extra support during this time.

When I have my next child I will certainly be asking Charlotte to provide me with the same kind of advice and support as she did during my last pregnancy, pre and post birth. I would say that if you have doubts give her a try, you will be surprised at how essential this support will feel"

Lorraine Fakolujo (BA Hons)


"I have known Charlotte for the last two years; she has been a close friend to our family and provided my fiancée with support during a long and difficult pregnancy. This support was provided willingly and from both a professional and personal point of view.

I work long hours and found it difficult to provide my fiancée with the emotional support and advice she needed throughout this period. I also found it difficult to find impartial advice or information related to pregnancy issues, all of which Charlotte was able to provide for us. With out her support during this period I feel that as a family we would have had great difficulty coping, it also provided me with the piece of mind I needed to ensure I could focus on my work.

For any working professional or person who feels they would benefit from additional support and advice I would highly recommend Charlottes services. She has certainly been key to me and my fiancée getting full enjoyment from the pregnancy and has often set my mind at rest knowing my fiancée is in capable hands and had support at the end of the phone when required."

James Volkk (BSc Hons) Director Siam Consulting (UK)


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