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Maternity Wellness Services

  • Pre-conception support - understanding your Body and Fertility.
  • Support during IVF.
  • Antenatal advice - looking after your Body inside and out.
  • Antenatal Psychological Support.
  • Preparing and understanding Childbirth.
  • Support with Breastfeeding.
  • Knowing your Baby and understanding his/her needs.
  • Postnatal support.
  • Providing solutions for sleep deprivation
  • Regaining your Figure - toning the pelvic floor.
  • And more

A service like Maternity Wellness is based on confidence and trust and that is why you will always see the same Maternity Consultant.

Our Maternity Consultant works with an independent Midwife should you wish to opt for a home birth. Our services are complimentary to ensure continuity of care. Click here for more information

All consultations are strictly confidential so that you can feel comfortable in discussing any issue that is troubling you. No matter how embarrassing it may seem, your Maternity Consultant has almost certainly come across it before

Our first consultation is FREE, with no obligations.




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